Although most of our previous Women Build homeowners have been single mothers, the 2021 Women Build homeowners will be married couple, Jose and Maria Martinez. Jose and Maria currently live in a barely habitable mobile home with their five children: Eduardo (15); Myra (12); Soriha (8); Nataly (7); and infant Maritza. With so many females in the household, Women Build is perfect for this family!

The mobile home in which the family lives has three tiny bedrooms, one of which was converted from a closet. The home is in extremely poor condition as it is sliding off the foundation, the back door is unusable leaving just one exit from the home, only half the burners on the stove work in the small kitchen, there is no storage space and poor ventilation. Mold in the apartment exacerbates Eduardo’s asthma. Despite the family’s best efforts to clean, caulk, repair, and paint, the home is falling apart. Even worse, the neighborhood is unsafe for the children to play outside. Despite frequent police patrols in the area due to high levels of criminal activity, the children cannot walk to the nearby park without adult supervision.

The family has searched for better housing but cannot find anything affordable in the area. They dream of a day when their children will have a safe, decent home with real bedrooms, room to study and play, and a nearby park. They wish for a home of which they can be proud! They are excited to partner with MacHabitat and have already begun volunteering at the construction site helping to build their future neighbors’ homes.

It costs MacHabitat approximately $115,000 in materials and building costs to construct each home, excluding land or infrastructure development. Our fundraising efforts for the Martinez Family’s forever home are led by a team of amazing local go-getters on our Women Build Committee. Your donation will help the committee reach their goal and enable the family’s dreams of a home to come true. Thank you!!