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ReStore Donations

To our valued Donors,
ReStore will no longer require appointments for donation drop offs on designated donation days. Beginning January 3, 2023 – ReStore will receive donations Tuesdays through Saturdays between 9am – 3pm.

Upon arrival at the ReStore parking lot, please wait for Receiving staff to inspect your donations. At times our staff may be busy helping other donors and we appreciate your patience. All items MUST be inspected by our staff before being accepted. Please DO NOT unload donations until inspected. Sometimes we cannot accept an item for reasons such as inventory levels, condition of the item, or knowledge that the item may not sell well at ReStore. Our Receiving staff has knowledge of what does and does not sell well at ReStore, and therefore will make final determination about what items we can or cannot accept.

We are happy to provide information about other organizations that may be able to accept your donations. We are better able to serve our community when we follow these guidelines and make sure items find homes rather than end up in the landfill! General information about the items ReStore can and cannot accept can be read below. If you have any questions regarding donations you can call ReStore Manager Caleigh Hoffman at 503-687-1410.

Thank you!

At a Habitat for Humanity ReStore, you can support our efforts to build homes for hardworking Oregon families and adopt the powerful environmental ethic: reduce, reuse, recycle.

The McMinnville Area Habitat for Humanity ReStore accepts new or used building supplies, appliances, and many other items. Most building materials and home furnishings that are in good condition can be recycled through the ReStore, saving you landfill costs and providing a tax deduction as well. The ReStore resells your new and used items (as well as corporate donations) for 50% to 70% below retail prices. All profits from ReStore sales assist our McMinnville Area Habitat affiliate in reaching their mission to partner with low-income families by offering homeownership opportunities through the construction of simple, safe, and affordable homes.

Donate Materials

Donation guidelines are strict. Appliances must be complete and in 100% working order. Dishwashers must be less than 5 years old, and all other appliances less than 10. Other items must be in good shape, and in useable sizes. For example, plywood and sheetrock must be at least 1/2 sheets; lumber in full lengths, all carpet must be new, no used carpet. For details on the guidelines, see below.

Your contributions are welcome . . . and needed. Every donation helps toward providing adequate housing to those in need.

Although your donation may be in a category of items we generally accept, please remember the receiving room manager or donation pickup driver has the final say. They have knowledge of inventory levels and experience about what sells. Accepting non-sellable items detracts from our ability to provide safe and affordable housing in our community; we keep our landfill expenses as low as possible, but they are still over $2000 per year.

 Appliances – We accept dishwashers less than 5 years old, clean and in 100% working order. All other appliances 10 years old or less, must be clean and in 100% working order with no missing parts. We will test them when they are brought in and if they do not work, will not accept them. Please include owners manuals if you have them, as they add value to your donation.

• Cabinets – We will take cabinets in complete units. They must have doors, shelving, display racks, etc.

• Doors – We accept doors if they are in GOOD condition only. They must not have holes, cracks, rot, etc. We do not accept hollow core doors unless they are pre-hung & in good condition.

• Electrical – We accept electrical parts, wire, plugs, plates and the hardware associated with electrical wiring.

• Fans – We accept fans if they are complete and in working condition only.

• Flooring material – We accept NEW carpet only. We will accept vinyl flooring, but NO SCRAPS, PLEASE!! We will accept any amounts of tile.

• Hardware – We accept hardware for doors, cabinets, etc. Almost all types if it’s not rusty.

• Lighting – We accept all light fixtures in working condition. No ballasts with pcb’s.

• Lumber, Plywood, Sheetrock, Trim – We accept full and1/2 sheets of plywood. We accept full lengths of lumber. We will accept trim in smaller pieces, but not less than 4 feet long. Please, no rot or nails sticking out of lumber.

• Mirror, Glass – Mirrors and glass are accepted, certain conditions apply. Please call prior to donating these items.

• Paint, Wallcoverings – The ReStore will accept household paint. We will sell what we can and recycle the leftovers. We are now a collection site for the Oregon Paintcare program. We cannot take toxic, hazardous substances, (i.e. pesticides, powders, paint thinners, or other chemicals). Wallpaper is taken in full-unopened rolls.

• Pipe, Pvc, Metal, Copper – We accept 4′ and over of PVC, CPVC, ABS, and any fittings. We accept any length of metal pipe – copper, lead, or steel – and any metal fittings.

• Plumbing, Tubs, Sinks, Showers, Commodes – We accept tubs, sinks and vanities if they are in good condition and clean. We accept commodes only if they are in working condition and are the low flush (1.6 gallon) type. They must be very clean!! We will not take a dirty commode under any circumstance.

• Roofing Material, Gutters, Canales – We accept all types of roofing material such as rolled roofing, tar, metal roofing, and new shingles. We also accept roofing gutter, downspout, and canale materials.

• Tools – We accept all hand and power tools in working condition.

 Windows, Screens – We accept DOUBLE PANE windows of all types if the glass is intact. Most windows will show use, even if they are newer. If they are casement type, we appreciate having the hardware and cranks.

Used Carpet
• Mattresses and Box Springs (New only)
• Swimming Pools
• Hot Tubs 
• Office Partitions
• Partial or cracked Toilets
• Gas Appliances (New only)
• Hollow Core Doors
• Any Lumber shorter than 4 ft
• Child Car Seats
• Cribs
• Children’s Toys
• Televisions w/o HDMI capability
• Typewriters
• Electronics
• Mini Blinds
• Window Treatments
• Soft Goods (Pillows, Blankets, Bedding)
• Clothing

We are always looking for your treasured collections. Items with higher value that we appreciate: decorative arts, collectibles, jewelry, small musical instruments, dolls and bears, toys and hobbies, cell phones and accessories, electrical and test equipment, and all vintage items. Remember items need to be shipped via UPS or USPS.

Donate Funds Online to the ReStore

If you would like to contribute financially to the ReStore, this will help support our efforts to build homes for hardworking Oregon families and adopt the powerful environmental ethic: reduce, reuse, recycle.

Make a Cash Donation

Please do not send cash through the mail; if you would like to make a cash donation, please bring it by our office at:

1024 SE 1st Street,
McMinnville, OR

Call: 503-472-9637

Shop our ReStore online!

Want to shop for all of the wonderful household items you find in our ReStore – from the comfort of your home? Coming soon – we will have online shopping for ReStore merchandise!

Volunteer at ReStore

The ReStore is now seeking volunteers! The ReStore is open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-4pm. Volunteer for the day or for a few hours, whatever works best for you! This volunteer opportunity consists of, but is not limited to:

  • assisting customers
  • pricing
  • maintenance of the store
  • organization of merchandise
  • receiving (unloading and loading donated materials and merchandise)

ReStore volunteers are expected to be courteous and professional, to communicate with people of diverse backgrounds, and to be good overall representatives for our organization. This is a fun, flexible team environment!

If you are interested in volunteering with us, or for more information please contact MacHabitat at 503-472-9637 ext. 7 or email:

1040 SE 1st Street
McMinnville, OR 97128