Lopez Family
MacHabitat’s Turner Build Partner Family

Lopez Family


Bernie and Roz Turner at our Turner Way Dedication

In 1990, Bernie Turner and a few of his friends (Verne Cooperrider, Mark Trumbo, Joyce Palmer, and Margie Taylor) decided to start a chapter of Habitat for Humanity in McMinnville. Bernie had recently retired as the pastor at First Baptist Church and was motivated by hearing former president Jimmy Carter speak about his volunteer work with Habitat. He became passionate about providing homeownership opportunities to low-income families in the community. With Roz at his side, Bernie and friends built MacHabitat’s first home in McMinnville in 1991 with the help of dedicated volunteers, charitable local businesses, and generous donors.

Much has changed in the 30 years since Bernie helped found MacHabitat! 62 homes have been built in McMinnville, Amity, Lafayette, Sheridan, and Willamina. For most of these 62 families, the cycle of poverty has been broken as they have invested in their homes and communities, while improving educational and health outcomes.

Yet, many things have remained constant during those 30 years! Although he no longer swings a hammer at the construction site, Bernie still volunteers for MacHabitat by offering the blessing for the family and each new home at dedication ceremonies; Roz is still at Bernie’s and MacHabitat’s side providing support; and dedicated volunteers, businesses, and donors enable MacHabitat to continue building homes for our neighbors in need.

For their 90th birthdays in 2020, Bernie and Roz decided to raise funds for MacHabitat’s 64th home, a townhome to be built in the Aspire Community Development. In recognition of their enduring support, this will be called MacHabitat’s “Turner Build”!  Turner Build will be the future home of the Lopez family.

Gerardo, Maria, and Christian (age 19) Lopez live in a tiny 2-bedroom apartment that, despite the family’s best efforts to clean, has been plagued by roaches and mold. Rusted radiant heaters and electrical outlets only function intermittently. The structural integrity of the apartment is questionable. MacHabitat’s Family Selection Committee found the living conditions to be among the worst they have ever seen. The family does not qualify for a traditional mortgage, and they have been unable to find better housing that is affordable.  The parents dream of a safe, decent home of their own while providing an example to their son of the benefits of hard work and determination.  All three family members have been volunteering at the construction site as often as possible.

How you can help!

  • Donate money towards the Turner Build house – Make sure to Click on Turner Build in the drop-down list under “I would like to give to:”
  • Raise money through your business or service club
  • Host an online fundraiser
  • Provide Gifts-In-Kind or services for the construction of the home
  • Volunteer at the construction site with a group or individually
  • Shop/Donate/Volunteer at the ReStore

Financial Support: It costs MacHabitat approximately $100,000 in materials and building costs to construct each home, excluding land or infrastructure development. We are thrilled to have the support of Bernie and Roz for our Turner Build. Your donation in their honor will enable the family’s dreams of a home to come true.  Thank you!!

Volunteer Support: Individuals and organizations can volunteer at the construction site, working with the homeowners, experienced volunteers, and building professionals. Businesses/organizations are invited to bring groups of employee volunteers to the worksite. MacHabitat welcomes volunteers of all skill levels, experienced and inexperienced, and will teach volunteers what they need to know at the worksite. Each volunteer hour is equivalent to $25!

Why become a sponsor of the Turner Build? Committing to this project does more than change the lives of a family – it strengthens our entire community. Children whose parents own their home do better in school; families who have affordable housing have more money to spend on improved nutrition, better health care, and savings for education. And children who grow up in a home their parents own are also more likely to be homeowners themselves, so the cycle of homeownership perpetuates itself through generations. Creating new homeownership opportunities puts more money in our property tax system to help fund essential services in our community.


Make a Donation to the Turner Build
 (Make sure to Click on Turner Build in the drop-down list under “I would like to give to:”)

For more information, please contact our Executive Director, Mary Stern, at mary@machabitat.org or 503-687-1411.