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2020 Women Build

Amy* is a single mother of two children: Mike (21) and Lexi (5). The family’s two-bedroom apartment is overcrowded. Amy and Lexi share a bedroom, leaving both without personal space or privacy. Mold exacerbates Amy and Lexi’s asthma. Neighbor disputes are a source of anxiety for Amy and her children. They don’t have the freedom to laugh and play in their own space without causing strife with their neighbors.

Amy,  survivor of a horrific domestic violence situation, works tirelessly to provide a better life for her children. She put herself through college and now works at a local non-profit as a Case Manager Lead. Often drawing from her own experiences, Amy helps families overcome major life barriers such as financial instability and the cycles of domestic violence, helping them to reach overall family wellness.

The family has dreams for the home they will one day share – a safe space where they will have barbecues, listen to music and dance, play outside, and plant a lemon tree.

“I work very hard to give my children a better life and to lead by example. Teaching them to persevere and to work hard. We dream big and hope even bigger. We are grateful to partner with Habitat to make our dream of a home come true.”

*For the privacy and protection of the family, some details of their story have been withheld and their names have been changed.
Family photo provided by Robinson Photography.
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Lorena Garcia – 2019 Women Build

The Garcia Family Lorena is a single mother of three children: Miguel (15), Marica (10), and Maya (6). The family of four share a tiny, 37-year-old mobile home that is barely habitable. The floors are sagging, causing the windows and back door to no longer close properly; electrical outlets are exposed, and the breakers are constantly tripping; the small heating unit is exposed and blankets cover the windows for insulation; the water is undrinkable because
of the old pipes. Lorena and her son each have a small bedroom, while the girls share a folding bed in the living room. No one has any privacy. Despite all this, the family is grateful to have each other and a roof over their heads.

“We would love to be a part of a community where people are great to one another. A community where others have also helped with building your home from the bottom up.”

Lorena works full time and strives to provide consistency and structure for her children. Partnering with MacHabitat and working towards homeownership will
help her accomplish her goals.

Family photo provided by Robinson Photography.
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